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Registration for Ilia State University science picnic volunteers has begun


Science Picnic is a day-long open air event which is organized annually by Ilia State University and aims to present various fields of science in a fun and attractive way to people of all ages. The event is co-organized by City Hall.

In 2012, the ISU Science Picnic had 7 000 visitors.

In 2013, the ISU Science Picnic became member of European Science Events Association (EUSEA) had total of 13 000 visitors. With organization of Ilia State University science picnic hosted the first largest robot games in Georgia.

In 2014, the number of visitors increased compared to previous years, amounting to 15 000. Each activity was moderated by the specially invited world renowned animator. 2014 Scientific picnic hosted the traditional bots game.

Every year science picnic involves more than 100 volunteers, students and pupils.

In 2015, Picnic is to be held on September 19, in Vake Park.

By volunteering at science picnic, you will be supporting popularization of science in Georgia, will assist organizers, will acquire new acquaintances and gain an interesting experience.
If you are interested in contributing to organization of the picnic and gaining new friends, please fill in the registration form.

Organizers can offer you a suitable activity according to your experience.

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