Iliauni Online

Ilia State’s New Project – Iliauni Online

Iliauni Online will offer a web-based portal where anyone will be able to take part in an online course based on his or her interests. The work on the portal has commenced and it will be ready in a few months. 

Educational resources will be divided into following categories: 

Courses – the section will contain full courses on various subjects, with integrated texts. In addition to audio-video resources the lectures and course materials will be available in print form.  The students will be able to pose questions to the lecturer.
Lectures- the section will contain video recordings of single lectures (for example, talks of invited lecturers)
Tutorials – The section will contain tutorials that will be geared towards the acquisition of specific practical knowledge. For example, how to bind a book or work in a specific computer program.
Online TV- The section will contain short films and videos where Georgian academics will discuss their professional choices.

Several of the TV quality videos made for the popular course, Introduction to Modern Thought, are available for viewing here.  

Students who have completed a live course will get an opportunity to review the covered material through the portal, and join in an ever growing trend of acquiring or reinforcing their knowledge through innovative modern technologies.

Project Staff:
Zura Jishkariani
Sandro Asatiani
Temur Ezugbaia

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