Completed Works


  1. Pathogens of pests and bio-control of potato nematode diseases;
  2. Animal diversity in the Guria region;
  3. Animal diversity of the Gomareti Plateau;
  4. Biodiversity of South Georgia against the background of anthropogenic impact and climate change;
  5.  Entomopathogenic nematodes for the biological control of major pests of Georgia;
  6. Biological control of potato cyst nematode diseases (phytohelminosis) in the Kvemo Kartli region;
  7. Parasitological and ecological study of fishes occurring in Lake Jandari (within Georgian territory);
  8. Karyological, cytogenetic, cytomorphological and scanning electro-microscope examination of Georgia's invertebrate animals (mollusks, furry mammals);
  9. Current state of vertebrate animal biodiversity in the Dusheti Municipality (East Georgia, Greater Caucasus).


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