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Ongoing researches of Ilia State University Institute of Comparative Literature are intended to address the specific objective needs of in the field of Georgian Literature. Research projects include areas of study whose development was not possible to authenticate in the ideologized conditions of Soviet Union era and even later, during post-soviet crisis period considering the socio-economic circumstances of the time. Thus, ongoing projects currently aim to, on the one hand, fill the gaps in existing thought and cultural processes, and on the other hand, naturally, create content on par with the modern scientific standards. In this sense, analytical study of literature theories and its application in the Georgian setting will help utilize creative culture that was underused in the past decade and transfer Georgian literature and culture research environment from modernism to postmodernism supporting modern cultural and intellectual process of integration.

The post-colonial theoretical approaches allow for reinterpretation of cultural and societal processes and literary content of the past two centuries in Georgia and make way for not only literary and analytical development, but also discard idologization process, which on its own will contribute to the development of new national and cultural reality and increasing importance of creative thinking processes in this reality.
Several long-term projects are currently carried out by the Institute of Comparative Literature. Common scientific objectives, vision, approaches and methodologies for each project provides unified team and individual work, group and individual publications (monographs, articles, as well as doctoral and master's thesis), thematic conferences and seminars.

Academic Staff currently working at the Institute of Comparative Literature research projects, planned for publication in 2014 are as follows:

  • Cosmological concepts and archaic religious symbols in Georgian culture - Nino Abakelia
  • Georgian text in the Soviet / post-Soviet / post-modern context - Bella Tsipuria
  • Eternal Middle Ages - GiaJokhadze
  • Georgian Romanticism poetry - Tamar Lomidze
  •  Georgian and Russian literature of the 19th century colonialism - Lela Tsikarishvili
  • Formation of Georgian national discourse: markig models of Georgian and Russian Empires in the 18th century, and Georgian national self-identification in the 19th century Georgian literature - CiraKinalava
  • Yellow color. From the history to Phenomenon - AtinatMamatsashvili-Kobakhidze.
  •  Historical avant-garde in Georgia - BelaTsipuria, Nana Kipiani
  • Absolute convergence of myth and metaphor in Georgian cultural context - Nino Pirtskhalava

The Institute also publishes comparative literature miscellany, which is an annual publication of the Institute of Comparative Literature at the University. The first edition was published in 2013 by the Ilia State University Press. The collection includes 34 scientific articles by local and foreign researchers prepared during the last few years, for various scientific conferences and seminars. Articles are themed as follows: Comparative Literature and Modernity - literature, politics, ideology; Philological and interdisciplinary studies - literature, investigation, process.

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