Institute of Comparative Literature

Institute of Comparative Literature

Ilia State University Institute of Comparative Literature was established in 2010. The aim of the Institute of Comparative Literature is to conduct researches on the basis of scientifically proven approaches established globally, and to activate intercultural and interdisciplinary studies of Georgian and world literatures.

Comparative Literature allows for more intense, diverse and multidimensional intercultural studies and overcome cultural insensitivities by the means of literature and to view the world and Georgian literary and cultural reality from a more liberal and general standpoint.

The aim is to conduct studies of Georgian as well as contemporary world literature, so as to be able to perceive, reinterpret and interconnect literary, cultural, social, political processes.

It is important to share thought and cultural experiences of the other countries that manage to cope with the traumatic past or current challenges of cultural and social reality and to look for ways to reintegrate Georgian culture with the modern world.
In this sense, comparative literature as a discipline can play an important role in the Georgian scientific, cultural, public fields.

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