Public Lecture Series: Moral and Politics


On 1 and 2 November, Dr Monique Castillo, Professor of Philosophy at University of ParisEast, Créteil, will deliver a series of lectures on Moral and Politics at ISU. The event is organized by the Savle Tsereteli Institute of Philosophy.

The lectures will address the following themes: Being a Kantian philosopher in the 21st century; Kantian theory of universal history; Kantian ethics of duty and global responsibility; how shall we understand cosmopolitan culture in the context of globalization?

Along with the Kantian philosophy, the lectures will deal with Paul Ricoeur’s reflections on Kant’s moral philosophy.

Professor Monique Castillo was a student of the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur.

Schedule and themes of lectures:

1 November 2018, Thursday

12:00-14:00, Room A 101

Overview of Contemporary Studies in Kantian Philosophy. Kantian Theory of Universal History

15:00-17:00, Room A 203

Global Responsibility: From Kant to Modern ‘Catastrophism’

2 November 2018, Friday

12:00-14:00, Room A 101

Globalization: A Source of New Cultural Needs. How Shall We Understand Cosmopolitan Culture in the Context of Globalization?

15:00-17:00, Room A 203

Paul Ricoeur’s Philosophy


Language: English (consecutive interpretation into Georgian will be provided)

Time: 1-2 November 2018, 12:00

Venue: Rooms A101 and A 203 Ilia State University (32 Ilia Chavchavadze Ave.)

Attendance is free.

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