Institute of Philosophy Scientific Colloquium


29.12.2015:The Role of Human Being in Demiurgy According to Iamblichus - speaker David Partskhaladze

16.07.2015 Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Part II, speaker Mikheil Mirashvili  

25.06.2015 Nino Rodonaia: Notion of Human Dignity and its Philosophical Basics             

04.06.2015 Tamar Tskhadaze: John Rawls' Concept of Reflective Equilibrium       

04.06.2015:Whose Is the Injury and Whose Can Be Anger? Hume on the Origin of ‘Moral Feelings’ and the Feminist Reclamation of Anger - speaker Tamar Tskhadadze                

21.05.2015 Negotiation Tactics in Everyday Religiosity, speaker Ketevan Gurchiani

07.05.2015: Is Mackie's Error Theory Cognitive? Speaker Tamaz Tokhadze                                                    

23.04.2015: Translation Issues of Aristotle's Metaphysics, speaker Mikheil Mirashvili               

02.04.2015: Rawls and Laclau: Ontological differences by Giorgi Tskhadaia                                             

19.03.2015: Translation Issues of John Rawls' "Political Liberalism" by Zurab Chiaberashvili   

10.11.2016: “Theory of Inter Subjectivity and Empathy,” report by Nina Janashia within scientific colloquium at Iliauni Institute of Philosophy         

31.03.2016 “Integration of Ontology and Ethics in Modern Continental Political Philosophy,” Giorgi Tskhadaia 

17.03.2016 – Research Project on Intention, speaker Juka Pakatsoshvili

29.12.2017: Moral Evidentialism and Wide-Scope Requirements
Does Conciliationism Carry a Problematic Commitment to Uniqueness?
Epistemic Akrasia and Metaepistemology -
speaker Tamaz Tokhadze

09.12.2018: Pornography and Context: A Reply to Saul speaker Nina Abesadze 

30.03.2018 Political philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche - speaker Baqar Baidashvili

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