Savle Tsereteli Institute of Philosophy

Savle Tsereteli Institute of Philosophy

Savle Tsereteli Institute of Philosophy is an Ilia State University research facility, aimed at integration of the research component in the university environment. Therefore, along with academic staff, the Institute involves M.A. and Ph.D. students at the University in the research projects. The Institute of Philosophy carries out research projects in the following areas:

  • Practical philosophy (ethics), Law and Moral Philosophy (political philosophy, human rights), modern social theories;
  •  Contemporary Philosophy (language, metaphysics, postmodern theories);
  • Study of religious discourse (translating, publishing, analysis of texts related to the theological and religious consciousness).

In order to promote philosophical studies, Savle Tsereteli Institute of Philosophy contributes to the development of informal discussion area ("Philosophy Club"), as well as the establishment of a scientific forum, allowing the researchers to create an area for scientific discussions. Together with the research component, the Institute covers public lectures, scientific conferences, and summer schools with local and international scientists being involved into them; the Institute also works on the development of the master's programme in Philosophy at Ilia State University.

Contact Information
➳ Ilia State University, Room F413; Cholokashvili 3/5 Tbilisi 0162

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