Institute of Medical Research

Institute of Medical Research

Ilia State University Institute of Medical Research was established on September 10, 2010. Institute employs highly qualified, internationally recognized scientists. Institute offers Doctoral Programmesin MedicalStudies. Institute of Medical Research operates in two directions: academic and scientific.
Academic discourse:  

  • Ilia State University Institute of Medical Research offers the following courses to PhD students of Medical Studies: Clinical Epidemiology and Bioethics, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Oral and maxillofacial Surgery, Clinical Anatomy, Biotechnology. Courses provide theoretical and practical training framework studies.
  • The Institute offers following optional study course to the undergraduate level students: "General principles of the first aid assistance"

The above-mentioned study courses are conducted by professors with international experience.
Scientific Research discourse:

  • Scientific research projects of the institute include the following areas:
  • Ephedronic encephalopathy - Manganese-Induced Parkinsonism and its medical and social aspects;
  • Combined use of stem cells and osteoplastic materials for oral and maxillofacial traumatic injuries;
  •  Role of mesenchymal bone marrow stem cells in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity;
  • Pains in the head and facial areas, and its impact on quality of life and cognitive anxiety disorders.

Contact information:
Giorgi Menabde
☏ 577 10 50 50

Marine Janelidze
☏ 577 42 74 13

Mika Tsverava
☏ 599 58 96 26

Ketevan Gogilashvili
☏ 599 50 11 91

Irakli Amiranashvili
☏ 591 41 09 94

Ivane Abiatari
☏ 599 99 39 54

Ekaterine Berishvili
☏ 595 38 99 89

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