Institute of Linguistic Studies


The Institute of Linguistic Studies of the Ilia State University carries out research projects with support of national and international science foundations in the following areas:

1. Digital Humanities: Computational Linguistics, Digital Epigraphy and Digital Prosopography; 
2. Georgian Sign Language Studies;
3. Typological study of the Kartvelian languages; electronic documentation;
4. Textology; study/publication of Old Georgian verbal heritage;
5. Study of social history of the Georgian language;
6. Georgian as a second language and issues relating to the standardization of Georgian as a foreign language for textbook development;
7. Study, translation and publication of medieval and modern Georgian and European records.

The Institute incorporates the Sign Language Laboratory, the Kartvelian Languages Research Group, the Georgian Language Workshop and the Center for Documentation and Research of the Abkhazian Language.  

Contact details:
➳ 3/5 Kakutsa Cholokashvili Avenue Tbilisi 0162, Georgia Ilia State University
Room F 314

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