Ongoing Research


The EU’s Democracy Promotion in the South Caucasus and Central Asia:  Supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, the project was carried out during 2013-2014 by the Darmstadt Technical University (TU Darmstadt) together with the ISCS, which served as a partner in Georgia and Armenia along with six more organizations from Azerbaijan and Central Asia. The project ended in 2014 with a conference.

The research aimed to examine the impact of the EU as a political actor on the process of democratization in the countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asia. It was implemented by using a common methodological framework for each of the eight countries of the region. Prof. Ghia Nodia, Director of the ISCS, was actively involved in devising the research methodology for the project, for which purpose he visited TU Darmstadt in February 2014. The research team comprising PhD and MA students from the Ilia State University carried out preliminary work that entailed the study of documents, media monitoring and fourteen semi-structured interviews.  

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