Published Works

Published Works

Gia Nodia

  • Freedom and the State, Journal of Democracy, Volume 21, No. 1 (January 2010), pp. 136-143.
  • The Record of the Rose Revolution: Mixed but still impressive, in: VichenCheterian, Ed., From Peresroika to Rainbow Revolutions: Reform and Revolution after socialism (C. Hurst and Co: London), 2013, pp. 85-115.
  • Georgian Policy towards the North Caucasus: Old Dilemmas, New Trends, in: Aiça Ergun, Hamlet Isaxanli (eds.), Security and Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU, the Black Sea Region and Southern Caucasus (IOS Press: Amsterdam, Betlin, etc), 2013, pp. 137-151.
  • About the love of peace and confict of liberalism, in: Leila Alieva, ed., The Soviet Legacy 22 years on: Reversed or Reinforced (Qanun Publishing: Baku), 2013, pp. 28-45.

Davit Aprasidze

  • Georgia. Country Report, Freedom House, Nations in Transit 2010, New York 2010, pp. 211-230.
  • Frozen Transitions and Unfrozen Conflicts, Or What Went Wrong in Georgia? Yale Journal of International Affairs, Volume 5, Issue 2 - Spring/Summer 2010, pp.121-136. (co-author).
  • Abschied von einerÄra: Machtwechsel in Georgien, in: KAS Auslandsinformationen (Dec, 2013. Accepted for publication, co-authored with Professor GhiaNodia, English and German).
  •  From Super-presidential to Parliamentary. Constitutional changes in Georgia (co-editor), Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Ilia State University, 2013.
  • Political science research methods (scientific editor of translation funded by US Embassy grant), Ilia State University, 2013.

Archil Abashidze

  • “Georgia: A Case Study”, in: " Effective mechanisms and practices for fighting corruption in the Black Sea Region: Lessons learnt and further steps for Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia", Bucharest 2010
  • Davit Darchiashvili
  •  The August War: A Case for International Relations Theory and an Understanding of Modern Threats, (Identity study; 4th edition, which was released in 2012).
  • Charles Fairbanks
  • Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr. and Alexi Gugushvili, “A New Chance for Georgian Democracy”, Journal of Democracy Volume 24, Number 1 January 2013, pp. 117-127.
  •  Charles H. Fairbanks, “Merger of Political and Economic Power in Post-Soviet Space: Lessons of National and International Experience”, in: pp. 171-187.

Giorgi Gvalia

  • "Thinking Outside the Bloc: Explaining the Foreign Policies of Small States" (Security Studies, Vol 22, Issue 1. 2013, pp. 98-131, .UpCDx9ImlYh) Co-authors David Siroky, BidzinaLebanidze, ZurabIashvili;
  •  "How small countries choose strategic allies: balancing and sticking strategies in the South Caucasus" (doctoral dissertation, State University, 2013.
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