Korean Studies

Korean Studies

Georgia and Korea: Parallels in the Historical Experience of Colonialism, Struggle for Independence, Liberation and State Building

The project is a joint undertaking of the Ilia State University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), Korea. The project is funded by the Academy of Korean Studies and supported by the Georgian Embassy in South Korea and South Korean Embassy in Georgia.

The current project, which will include research activities for a period of three years, aims at investigating the similarities and the differences in the process of establishing democratic states in Georgia and Korea, while raising awareness and stimulating interest in Georgia towards Korea, with the purpose of establishing a foundation for lasting research in Korean Studies in the future.

Throughout the period of the project, it is planned to achieve following results:

  1. Twenty-four (eight per year) scientific articles will be presented and published as conference proceedings and a separate volume.
  2. Books regarding Korean Studies and Georgian Studies will be published to be used as the study material.
  3. 3 large-scale international conferences held in Georgia and Korea to contribute to spurring academic interest in Korean Studies.
  4. Establishment of Korean Studies unit at ISU and development of courses/modules to be incorporated into the curriculum.
  5. For three years a student from Georgia will be able to receive a scholarship to study in Korea with the purpose of raising a next generation Korean Studies scholar in Georgia.
  6. Every year two students from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies will visit Georgia for summer courses in Georgian Studies, which will help raise a generation of Georgian Studies scholars in Korea.


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