Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research

Projects in the frame of the research program of the Institute
• Georgian-Iranian Relations (History, Politics, Culture, Science)
• Kurds and Yezids in Russian Empire, Soviet Union and Post-Soviet Countries
• The Middle East Today (E-journal)
• Byzantine-Georgian Relations
• Interactions of Georgia with the Middle Eastern Countries in Mediaeval and Early Modern Times
• The fundamental landmarks and sources of the bases of Persian language
• Aspects of Turkish-Georgian linguistic relations and literary studies
• Semitic Philology matters in the Georgian cultural and historical context
• Aramaic inscriptions in Georgia
• Between East and West: French and Iranian Authors about Georgia

Projects supported by the Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation
• Documents about Georgia in the Archives and Libraries of Iran
• The Cult and the Worship in the Byzantine Historical Narrative (8th-13th cc.)
• Iranian Influence on the Clothing of Georgian Nobility: the Evidence from 16th-17th Centuries Frescoes in Western Georgia
• Georgian Language Island in the Transethnical Area (GLITEA) – The Feriduni Dialect in Iran
• Publication of the Bilingual Annotated Parallel Corpus of “The Book of Tobi”.
• An Important Georgia Treatise (18th c.) about Western Christianity in the Context of Georgian-European Relations
• Ancient Georgian Translated and Original Historical Writing (Bibliography)

Other Projects:
• „Iranian Georgians on the Road of the Reintegration with the Historical Homeland” – The research grant competition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia “Promoting the Diaspora Initiatives” (Nikoloz Nakhutrsihvili)

International Projects:
• Georgia and Korea: Parallels in the Historical Experience of Colonialism, Struggle for Independence, Liberation and State Building (with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
• “Peculiarities of Iran’s Policy towards the South Caucasian Countries: Different realities, Different Opportunities”) - ASMEA (Association for Study of Middle East Africa) Research program grant (George Sanikidze)

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