Implemented Projects


Projects implemented during 2010-2013

  • The History of the Middle East and its relations with the South Caucasus (turn of the twentieth century)
  • Georgian, Western and Eastern historical narrtives: Comparative Studies
  • Persian-Georgian Dictionary
  • Diachronic Philological analysis of Persian texts and dictionaries
  • Electronic journal Middle East
  • The importance of Georgian "Calila e Dimna" in the establishment of the original academic text
  • Sinai  - Georgia, new pages in the centuries-old history
  • The etymology of "Okona" and the Okona Triptych
  • Shaping of Roman epos in medieval Persian literature
  • 19th -century Georgia viewed from Eastern and Western perspectives (French and Iranian authors about Georgia)
  • Georgian-Persian bilingual documents
  • Issues related to commonly used vocabulary in the Georgian and Armenian languages;
  • Tradesmen and trade relations between the Transcaucasian cities (from the 19th century through the first quarter of the 13th century)
  • International situation in the Middle East and the South Caucasus in 1723, prior to the Ottoman-Persian war
  • Egyptian educators Muhammad Abduh and Qasim Amin
  • Cultural traces of Georgian Mamluks in Baghdad
  • Aspects of diglossia in Arabic
  • Similes and metaphors in "Shahnameh" and their equivalents in the Georgian translation
  • Iranian-Georgia relations in the second quarter of the 18th century
  • Identity of the tribes living in the Abkhazian territory
  • Queen Tamar's foreign policy and Vepkhistkaosani
  • Georgian-English linguistic terminology: Annotated Dictionary
  • Aramaic/Nonaramaic inscriptions of Georgia
  • Typological study of the Turkish language and literature
  • Ancient Indian History
  • Lexico-semantic analysis of lexical units of semitic origin in Georgian
  • Byzantine-Georgian relations
  • Medieval Iranian trade, economic and political relations with the countries of Western Europe and the South Caucasus
  • Besik's literary orientation - addressee in Besik's amorous lyrics
  • Major texts and sources on the roots of the Persian language (Stage I: updating and expanding the base of the Persian-Georgian academic dictionary provided with studies, references and other resources)
  • Essays on Georgian-Ossetian cultural and historical relations
  • Cultural traces of Georgian Mamluks in Baghdad
  • Issues relating to the commonly used vocabulary in the Georgian and Armenian languages
  • Arabic and European literary influences
  • Some issues relating to language ecology (in Arabic, Georgian and German)




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