Implemented Projects

Implemented Projects

Implemented Projects (2011-2019)

Selected projects implemented in the frame of the research program of the Institute

  • The importance of Georgian "Qalila va Dimna" in the establishment of the original academic text
  • Sinai - Georgia, new pages in the centuries-old history
  • Shaping of Roman epos in medieval Persian literature
  • Ancient Indian History
  • Georgian-Persian Bilingual Documents
  • Issues related to commonly used vocabulary in the Georgian and Armenian languages
  • Lexicological-semantic analysis of lexical units of Semitic origin in Georgian
  • Arabic and European literary influences
  • Medieval Iranian trade, economic and political relations with the countries of Western Europe and the South Caucasus
  • Typological study of the Turkish language and literature

Projects implemented by the support of the Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation

  • The History of the Middle East and its Relations with the South Caucasus (19th-beginning of the 21st c).
  • Georgian, Western and Eastern Historical Writing: Comparative Studies
  • Byzantine-Georgian Documentary Dictionary
  • Arabic Epitaphs of the Old Muslim Cemetery in Tbilisi
  • Between East and West (French and Iranian Authors about 19th c. Georgia)
  • The Language, Everyday Life and Culture of the population of the Georgian Origin of Mazandarani Province (Iran).
  • Georgian Sector of the Christian Cemeteries Complex in Tehran (Historical-Cultural Study, Fixation of Problems of Conservation and Outlining ways of Their Resolution)
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