Founded in 2010, the Institute of Economics and Business is a legal successor to the Business Research Centre. The Institute’s key activity areas include:

  • Interdisciplinary studies in economics, business and other related fields;
  • Dissemination of knowledge generated through the study of activities of different enterprises and best practices by means of programmes, projects, publications and recommendations;
  • Provision of research for education and awareness building in the fields of economics and business;
  • Development of scientific literature, translation projects and training courses;
  • Contributing research and expertise towards economic, entrepreneurial and other strategic policies implemented by public authorities.

The Institute focuses its research on the study of economic systems, as well as operation of entrepreneurial and managerial groups. These research areas are fully consistent with the priorities set by the economic and business sectors.

The Institute carries out studies dealing with the issues prioritized by economic and business sectors: domestic and international aspects of entrepreneurship, innovations and transfer of knowledge, etc. The study of international entrepreneurial experience can contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and productivity of Georgian enterprises. The research in the field of innovations comprises both institutional and individual areas of activity, starting from the generation of ideas to the final phase of their implementation. The research therefore involves the study of university human resources in the process of transfer of knowledge and as well as the formation of innovation networks and their impact.  

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Contact details

Prof. Dimitri Japaridze
3/5 Kakutsa Cholokashvili Ave.,
Tbilisi 0162 Georgia
Ilia State University/ Building F
Room N 419
➳ 5, Cholokashvili Ave.

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