Completed and Ongoing Projects within the  Alpine Ecosystems Research Programmes


  1. Study of Alpine Ecosystems (ISU project, 2015, 2016, 2017) 
  2. Transformation of alpine plants in relation to global changes (ISU project, 2014) 
  3. Alpine plants diversity  (ISU project, 2014) 
  4. Preparation, publication and translation of educational-scientific literature (ISU project 2014)
  5. Analysis of multiple interrelations between the environment and social processes in the mountainous regions of Georgia(01.03.2010-1.03.2013); Donor: Volkswagen Foundation (Germany)
    1. Alpine biodiversity in the Caucasus and its functional importance. Donor: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF/SCOPES) (Switzerland)
  1. Alpine plants diversity and ecology: functional diversity of Alpine plants. 2012. Donor: ISU
  2. Variable soil pH can drive changes in slope aspect preference of plants in alpine desert of the Central Great Caucasus (Kazbegi district, Georgia)
  3. Distribution of plant species and the rock particle size in subnival habitats of the Central Great Caucasus
  4. Jumping the barrier: does a glacier tongue affect species distribution along the elevation gradient in the subnival and nival belts? A case study on Mt. Kazbegi, Georgia, central Great Caucasus Mountains
  5. A common soil temperature threshold for the upper limit of alpine grasslands in European mountains
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