Completed Research


  • Opioid receptor activation and inactivation effects on the integrative brain activity;
  • Nature of sleep disorders in children and adolescents: study of cellular mechanisms of developmental sleep homeostasis;
  • Effects of violence and stress on the quality of sleep and general psycho-physiological state of the Internally Displaced People from Abkhazia and children raised in their families;
  • Search for new and effective ways insomnia and other sleep disorders therapy: Study of cellular targets of the treatment;
  • Research of Sleep Disorder in Internally Displaced People from Abkhazia, including children born in Tbilisi;
  •  Neurobiological and neuropsychological analysis of pharmacological and non-pharmacological deprivation of paradoxical sleep phase and evaluation of the mentioned methods in the context of their use in works of psycho-neurological clinics;
  • A comparative study of the effects of narcotic and non-narcotic activators on sleep-wakefulness cycle, study process and memory;
  • Correction of depression and antidepressants instigated brain disorders with the use of new methodologies;
  • Study of mechanisms of endogenous depression along with the search of correction methods.
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