Tengiz Oniani Laboratory of Sleep-Wakefulness Study

The highly celebrated academic of Georgian National Academy of Sciences and Doctor of Biology, Professor Tengiz Oniani laid foundation for neurobiological research of sleep-wakefulness in Georgia. Research conducted under his guidance gained international recognition: results of the studies were published in numerous scientific works, monographs and articles and presented at numerous international symposiums attended by prominent foreign scientists. In addition, research-based methods, based on Mr. Oniani’s scientific work, are benefited by the patents. Currently his former students are continuing successful scientific work in different countries of the world. During the last decade Mr. Oniani administered various scientific projects, which were financed by local or foreign institutions.
Major scientific interests of the research center include:

  • Study of human and animal brain integrative activities, which encompasses study of neurophysiological, neuroethological and neuropsychological mechanisms sleep-wakefulness cycle;
  • Research of motivational and emotional reactions and interconnections between neurobiological mechanisms of certain sleep-wakefulness phases and their changes;
  • Modeling of different psychonervous pathologies in animals, in order to find avenues for correction of disorders with the perspective of implementing them in medical practice on the basis of analysis.

Research Centre contributes to the fundamental theoretical knowledge of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying the sleep-wakefulness cycle, and determiningitsimportance in the context of integration of the brain activities.
Research Center provides Masters and Doctoral Study Programmes in neurosciences.
Ilia State University undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students are involved in the researchers conducted in the laboratory.
Research Center is actively contributing to the work of the international scientific journal "Neurobiology of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle".

Contact Information
➳ Ilia State University G building, KakutsaCholokashvili Ave. 3/5
Tbilisi 0162, Georgia

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