Ongoing Research

  • Evidence-based, trauma-informed psychological health policy in Georgia;
  • Esping-Andersen’s typology of social assistance systems and Georgia’s place in it;  
  • Economic assessment of healthcare programmes carried out for the purposes of HIV infection/AIDS prevention in drug consumers in Georgia, and their effect on HIV/AIDS epidemiological statistics;   
  • The right to healthcare and the role of ethical decisions to ensure rights in exercising healthcare policy;
  • Punishment-centered narcotics policy and public benefits: the effect of narcotics policy on public healthcare;  
  • Free market based health care characteristics and their comparative analysis;
  • Reformation of Georgia’s pension system;
  • The effect of organizational culture on critical services at hospitals;
  • Means of systematic development of human resources management systems at medical institutions;
  • Textbook “Healthcare Policy;” the book is targeted at healthcare specialists, as well as general public interested in healthcare issues. 
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