The Public Health and Insurance Institute of Ilia State University was established in 2013; it offers high level academic courses and research programmes to those interested in the fields of healthcare and insurance. The school carries out two master's programmes: Insurance and Health Policy and Management (concentrations: healthcare management, public healthcare and healthcare policy, pharmaceutical management, healthcare policy and healthcare economics) and PhD programme called Healthcare Policy and Management.

The school focuses on the issues of insurance, organization of medical care services, finances, and administration in order to gain insights into insurance, healthcare policy and management practices in Georgia, and improve them.

The objective of the Institute is to promote the development of theory and practice of the fields of insurance and healthcare, which will contribute to public healthcare, amelioration of disease prevention, healthcare and insurance systems, and the strengthening of its constituent organizations. Along with the study programmes, the school is involved in research, which center on important issues such as access to health services, organization, financing, management and quality, as well as insurance field.

Our mission is being implemented through research and training programmes, which are directed to the development of insurance, the fields of healthcare policy and management. The objective is based on the assumption that the insurance and healthcare policy and management are closely related disciplines. Consequently, our research projects and training programmes are presented from this standpoint.

Contact Information
Professor Tengiz Verulava, Director of School of Healthcare and Insurance
➳ Room F405, ISU
KakutsaCholokashvili 3/5 Avenue, Tbilisi 0162

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