Dimitri Uznadze Institute of Psychology


Founded in 1943 by renowned Georgian psychologist Dimitri Uznadze, the Institute of Psychology was the first research institute of psychology in the former Soviet Union. In 2010, it was incorporated into Ilia State University. The objective of the Institute is to continue research traditions started by Uznadze.

Ongoing Research at the Institute:

  • Address current problems affecting the society: research themes deal with the issues related to the people with autism, victims of domestic violence, ethnic, religious and sexual minorities, adolescents, as well as pro-environmental behavior and organizational relations; on the basis of the research findings, recommendations will be formulated for respective organisations and decision makers.
  • Meet international standards: research topics at the Institute are topical throughout the world, while research results enrich previous studies and generate new knowledge; accordingly they are known in international scientific circles by being published in international journals and included in speeches made at international conferences.
  • Are well-known in Georgian scientific circles: the research findings and papers are published in Georgian-language journals; regular speeches are made for students and specialists, and annual reports are produced to inform colleagues and students on the work done;
  • Are based on team-work bringing together professors and students, notably, PhD students whose thesis topics are related to the project themes;
  • Are connected to teaching and learning, which is an established practice at ISU: Students participate in research and assist professors at the Institute in teaching at all levels of university education enriching the curricula with their research findings and experience.  




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