Institute of Demography and Sociology


The Institute of Demography and Sociology was created within the system of Science Academy of Georgia on March 28, 1991, after unification of Science Centers for Research of Social and Economic Issues and the Center for Sociological Research. Since July 2009, the Institute has been affiliated by Ilia State University.

Aims and objectives of the Institute – key directions of its activities

The Institute aims to:

  • render scientific-research, consulting and expert services;
  • promote scientific-technological progress of the country;
  • contribute to scientific activities;
  • develop international cooperation;
  • facilitate mobility programs for the personnel of the Institute;
  • get involved in training/retraining programs for new employees.

The Institute is authorized to seek additional revenues for its functioning in accordance with the procedures determined by the legislation of Georgia.

Description of activities of Institute

Based on the objectives of the Institute, its activities involve:

  • exploration of demographic and social issues and studying and analyzing the regularities of population estimates;
  • formulation of conception for demographic security;
  • exploration of prime tendencies for social-demographic developments and formulation of demographic prognoses;
  • involvement in drafting legislative and normative acts on demographic policy and scientific examination;
  • participation in the formulation of methodological issues for population estimates;
  • studying of social-demographic and family policy of foreign countries;
  • formulation of appropriate measures to raise the level of demographic education of the public and promotion of their implementation;
  • formulation of united state social-demographic and family policy;
  • exploration of regional and ethnical and demographic issues;
  • exploration of social and demographic issues of migration and resettlement;
  • studying demographic behavioral characteristics;
  • exploration of social and demographic issues of providing employment for the population;
  • studying social and demographic transformation issues of family;
  • exploration of sociological problems of family;
  • studying characteristics of socialization, social identity and social-cultural values;
  • exploration of issues of social and cultural development;
  • studying evolution of social and demographic organisation.

Contact details

Director of the Institute: Avtandil Sulaberidze;
☏ 599 965373; 595 093709
Deputy Director: Vano Shushtakashvili
☏ 595790079

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