• Director of the Botanical Institute

Shalva Sikharulidze, Associate Professor

  • The Department of Plant Systematics and Geography

Acting head of the Department, Academician G. Nakutsrishvili

  •  The Department of the Herbarium

Head M. Khutsishvili

  •  The Department of Spore Plants and Fungi

Head, Associate Researcher A. Jorjadze

  • The Department of Genetic Resources of Plants

Head and Researcher, Associate Professor M. Akhalkatsi.

 The Department of Geobotany

Head and Researcher, R. Kvachakidze

  • The Department of Plant Physiology

Head and Associate Researcher, G. Badridze

  • The Department of Microbiology

Head and Associate Researcher, N. Ramishvili

  • The Department of Ethnobotany

Head - Dr. Rainer W. Bussmann

  • Bakuriani Alpine Botanical Garden

Head, T. Qurdadze

  • Javakheti Experimental Base

Head P. Chkeidze

  • Information Technology Group

Head, G. Mikeladze

At present, the Institute is staffed with 90 employees, with 38 of them being staff scientists. Seven employees hold a Ph.D. in biological science, while 31 of them hold an academic doctoral degree in Biological Science. 

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