International Workshop at Ilia State University Institute of Botany

At the Institute of Botany of Ilia State University, in 11-13 October of the current year, a mid-term workshop was conducted within the project called ‘developing tools for conservation of plant diversity in Transcaucasia, 2nd phase’. The workshop was attended by representatives of different research institutions throughout the countries involved in the project, such as Georgia, Germany, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

At the workshop, research concerning morphological and genetic diversity of plants and mosses indigenous to the Caucasus were presented. In addition, researchers from Berlin Botanical Garden and Museum (BGBM) presented the Caucasus plant taxonomy database webpage created within the project.

Within the framework of the workshop, an excursion was also held, during which field presentations aiming to introduce the research team of the project to local varieties of wild species of pear native for the region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti was conducted.

The aim of the project is to conduct research into taxonomically inordinate plant genera through modern morphological and genetic methods as well as implement advanced technologies and new approaches in the botanic gardens and institutes of different countries involved in the project. The project is planned to end in 2018. 


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