Botanical Institute


The Botanical Institute of Ilia State University is the main Botanical institution in Georgia founded in 1933 following the merging of the departments of the Tbilisi Botanical Garden.  

The Institute’s key activities and priority research areas include:

  • Comprehensive study of the diversity of Georgia’s flora, including studies in systematics, phytogeography, geobotany (phytosociology), ethnobotany, and economic botany; detection of natural plant resources and development of research-based recommendations for their protection and sustainable use;
  • Sustainable development of the Herbarium of the Botanical Institute of the ISU (the National Herbarium of Georgia), one of the world’s oldest and richest collection of documented specimens;
  • Study of Georgia’s soil microflora; extraction of microorganisms producing bioactive substances and their biological and physiological study; development of recommendations for improving the fertility of degraded soils; 
  • Study of the physiological factors of plant resistance and productivity; participation in projects concerned with environmental protection, assessment of environmental impacts of major development proposals, etc.

Director of the Botanical Institute: Associate Prof. Shalva Sikharulidze

Contact Details:
➳ 0105, Tbilisi, Georgia
1 Botanical Str.
☏ +995 32 272 08 10

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