Published Works

Published Works by Institute of Biophysics

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4.  Genetic Recombination of the rpoB Gene as a Mechanism of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Resistance to Rifampin; Levan Lomidze, Mamuka Kotetishvili; Asian Journal of Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical Sciences, Vol 3, No 2, pp. 23-32. (2015)
5.  The Uptake and detoxification of Chromium by bacteria of Arthrobacter species and the influence and of different metal ions on these processes; Olia Rcheulishvili,  Tamaz Kalabegishvili, Hoi-ving Holman, Nino A. Rcheulishvili, Dimitri M.Papukashvili, Nunu Metreveli, Alexander Rcheulishvili; Conference Paper. Conference: The 8th international Workshop on Contaminant Biovailability in the Terrestrial Environment., At Nanjing, China, October 2015.

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