4D Research Institute

Institute of 4D Research

Institute of 4D research is an institute for interdisciplinary studies, which aims to study the problems of the environment and the contemporary society by employing all methods of research and not be limited to only one specific methodology. 4Dimension refers to the 4 main areas of science: humanitarian, social, exact and natural sciences.
With the challenges of environmental issues and contemporary society, it's getting continuously difficult to find more or less complete answers from the perspective of one specific scientific field. Therefore, contemporary science is becoming more and more interdisciplinary. 4D Research Institute aims to make this trend methodologically sustainable: 4D is a research approach that teaches collaboration, problem solving, and also uses knowledge that each particular science is a study methodology in the end and only unification of sciences (methods) gives us a comprehensive picture.
4D Research Institute aims to re-focus on a particular science as a specific research method, and to work employing the methodology of addressing the "big questions".

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