Public Advertisement of Procurement

"Public Advertisement of Procurement. For the CaBOL Project ISU is procuring the following laboratory equipment

DNA Tube Decapper Device: Brooks FluidX IntelliXcap™ Specifications:

  • 96-Format Screw Cap Tube Rack Decapper/ Capper
  • Product Code 46-8012
  • with automatic glide rail for integration: Tube Type: 68-0301-11
  • with FluidX IntelliXCartridge 96-format Cap Driver Cartridge
    • Product Code: 48-8013-02
    • with 96 individual cap drivers
    • suitable for FluidX external thread; 1 cartridge

Companies and suppliers are invited to send their bids to email address:

Only bids for factory-new equipment are accepted and suppliers should state guaranteed means of technical support in installation and maintainance as well as the ability to supply spare parts if needed

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