Laboratory of Future Innovation

The Georgian agency of technology and innovation announced 3 grant-based programs, which had a total budget of 1.816.000 Lari. The aim was to foster an environment of technological innovation and commercialization in Georgia. Ilia State University won grants for both of its proposals, and as a result founded the Laboratory of Future Innovation (fablab) geared towards engineering, and the laboratory for innovation in computer and mobile device gaming. (Gamelab Iliauni)

Fablab is equipped with the latest technology like 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters and other cutting edge equipment.  Fablab will also be accessible to students of Ilia State’s partner universities and other commercial partners.   In the lab they can create digital programs and smart-apps geared specifically towards educational purposes.  Fab lab seeks to generate ideas, new inventions, and educational platforms that will foster the development of an innovative infrastructure in Georgia.  

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