Law School Bachelor's Programs

Bachelor’s Degree Program of School of Law

The program aims to:

produce highly qualified holders of bachelor’s degree in law by giving them a full understanding of functions of law in the life of a country and its people, as well as developing professional skills and competencies. After the completion of the program, the graduates will have a full insight in legal issues, and the ability to analyze them and employ the gained knowledge in practice.
Teaching Methodology:

discussions/debates, group works, problem based teaching practice, collaborative works, analyzing particular instances, brainstorming, situational and real games, syntheses of induction, deduction and analysis, writing activities, practical work.
Career Opportunities and Fields of Employment:
public, non-governmental and international corporations and organizations.

Contact Details:
➳ Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue. 32. A building, room 401; B building, room 201;
☏ 2 23 29 55

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