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A researcher from the Institute of Zoology of Iliauni described a new species of an insect


Shalva Barjadze, an employee of the Institute of Zoology of Ilia State University, along with his foreign colleagues, described a new species of an insect for science.

The article was published in the journal Bonn Zoological Bulletin.

Researcher Shalva Barjadze, together with Polish scientist Mariusz Kanturski and Kazakh scientist Rustem Kadyrbekov, described a new insect species Lipaphis (Lipaphidiella) holmani sp. nov., a plant which inhabits Lepidium virginicum L. (Brassicaceae), based on wingless parthenogenic females from South Korea.

The previously unknown females of Lipaphis ruderalis Börner, 1939 from the Czech Republic are also described, and the wingless parthenogenic females of Lipaphis sisymbrii Bozhko, 1976 are briefly described again, and the previously unknown winged parthenogenic females of this species from Kazakhstan are described for the first time.

They also moved Lipaphis sisymbrii to subgenus Lipaphidiella. The article provides a guide of aphid species in the worldwide distribution of the subgenus Lipaphidiella based on wingless parthenogenic females.

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