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Tuition fees at SDSU-Georgia-Iliauni Internationally Accredited Bachelor Programmes amount to 7500 USD (its equivalent in GEL) annually; however, majority of students are awarded scholarships which fully or partially covers the amount paid for studies.

In addition to the state grant, which can be obtained at the United National Examination and which will lead to reduction of the tuition fees, grants can be obtained from SDSU Georgian Representative Office, as well as Ilia State University. 

Funding by SDSU-Georgia

SDSU-Georgia provides a great number of scholarships to students annually and offers them co-financing ranging from 25% to 100%. Majority of students admitted to the programmes are provided with grants.

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Funding by Ilia State University – fifteen 2000 GEL STEM Scholarships

In cooperation with Basisbank, Ilia State University grants 2000 GEL STEM Scholarships to those freshmen who seek admission to SDSU Internationally Accredited Bachelor programmes (Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering) and have the highest scores at the United National Examination.

This year, the scholarship fund has increased and 15 successful students will be awarded 2000 GEL scholarships. STEM Scholarships can be received in the event of obtaining full SDSU-Georgia funding.

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