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Electrical Engineering


San Diego State University (SDSU) situated in California, the USA, is carrying out a Bachelor programme of international accreditation* in Electrical Engineering at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at Ilia State University.

The programme is an English language programme, and lectures for Georgian students are delivered by invited American professors from SDSU.

Graduates will be awarded American diplomas.

Programme Description

The Bachelor programme in Electrical Engineering offers students study courses in the main areas of Electronic Engineering:

  • Information Processing and Transferring Machines;
  • Electricity Production and Distribution;
  • Study and Use of Electro-magnetic Phenomena.

During studies, work on theoretical and practical issues promotes development of students’ professional skills. The aim of a study plan is to prepare students for immediate employment as well as enable them to pursue their masters.

Teaching Methodology

Subjects during the first year of study include calculus, physics and chemistry; later, in the second and third years of study, students will attend specific courses in their specialties. Each student chooses technical optional subjects, such as VLSI design (the design of microchips), biomedical equipment, microwave transmission, communication systems, processing of digital signals, microprocessors, multimedia programming, energy systems design and analysis, optical electronics and computer networks.

Each student must attend the final course preparing them for their diploma thesis “Capstone design,“ which fosters team spirit and oral and written communication skills.

Employment Opportunities:

Employment and career advancement opportunities in STEM fields include high-tech sectors as follows:

  • Biotechnology;  
  • Mobile phones and communication, as well as telecommunication technologies;
  • Medical Sciences (Medicine, Electronic Medical Diagnosis);
  • Pharmacology;
  • Transport (air, railway and marine) Automatic Systems;
  • Cosmic equipment, Aeronautics and Astronomy; 
  • Geographic Information Systems;
  • Distance Monitoring of Food Industry and other activities;
  • Judicial sciences and Criminology;
  • Military and Defence Systems.

Main STEM subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics – are interdependent and related to a great number of other disciplines. STEM fields include all aspects of engineering, non-engineering technical components of financial sector, statistics, risk assessment and lots of other social sciences which require analytical and mathematical reasoning. Also Modern art, for example, music and creative activities, rest upon STEM related skills and knowledge.

Exchange Programmes

SDSU-Georgia students are being provided with the unique opportunity of pursuing their studies at San Diego State University Campus of California for either one term or a year.

Study Environment

Rooms, equipment in engineering, science and computer laboratories, as well as standards and technologies with which students are provided are in line with the criteria of San Diego State University of the USA.

 Ilia State University Technologies Building

Construction of Ilia State University 4890 m² Technologies Building started in the vicinity of Vake Park at Cholokashvili Str. in June 2017. The carcass of the building has been completed, with the construction works being fully financed by Ilia State University; currently refurbishment works are underway there.

The building is set to be equipped with the latest technologies; SDSU Georgia auditoriums, work spaces, electrical engineering and construction engineering laboratories will be available on the two floors of the building.

* American Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), American Chemical Society (ACS), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).   

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