School of Natural Sciences and Medicine ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY

Natural Sciences: Physics


Language: Georgian

The programme aims to

Give students a deep insight and wide knowledge in classical and modern physics, introduce them to the laws of physics, with which the world complies and hence teach them the structure of the earth and the ongoing process in it, its general characteristics, as well as general and primary mechanisms of natural phenomena.

The mentioned program gives undergraduate students theoretical knowledge in classical and modern physics.

After the completion of the course, students will have learned the basics of classical mechanics, electromagnetism, atom and nuclear physics, and astronomy, as well as will gain an insight in analytical and numerical methods and master the methods of mathematical and computer calculations, modeling and experimental physics necessary for career development in the field of physics. 

The program comprises educational directions of fundamental (theoretical) physics, biophysics, astronomy and applied physics. Optional and mandatory courses of these educational directions enable students to pursue their master’s degree.

In addition, the program also comprises basic module of bachelor’s degree focused on development of the skills necessary for oral and written forms of communication, analysis, argumentation, problem evaluation and finding creative solutions, as well as ability to effectively work within a team.

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