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Professor Axel Gosseries’ Public Lecture on “Climate, Justice and Duties Towards Future Generations”


Professor Axel Gosseries will deliver a public lecture on “Climate, Justice and Duties Towards Future Generations” as part of the Master's Program in Philosophy of Ilia State University on July 7, at 19:00.

About the lecture

Professor Gosseries will discuss the main problems of climate justice and their connection to the question: What are our duties towards future generations? The speaker will talk about the importance of historical greenhouse gas emissions in parallel with other cases of historical injustice and advocate for a distributive understanding of climate justice. The professor will also address some specific problems, such as: Is the increase of the atmospheric temperature by 2 degrees Celsius fair or not? How can we justify the special efforts we demand from today’s generations, and so on.

About the speaker:

Axel Gosseries, Researcher of Political Philosophy and Law, Researcher-Professor at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research and Professor at the University of Louvain (Belgium). Heads the Hoover Department of Economic and Social Ethics at the same university. His field of research is philosophical theories of justice, as well as issues of justice and climate-related justice between generations. He is the author of numerous scientific articles in philosophy, law, and economics; has published one monograph (2004). He is the editor/co-editor of several important scientific collections.

For more information, see Professor Gosseries' Google Scholar page.

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Professor Gosseries will conduct an intensive lecture course on “Generations, Justice and Legitimacy” for the students of master's program in Philosophy.

The speaker will discuss the three dimensions of intergenerational relations from the perspective of normative political philosophy.

Topics and schedule of lectures:

Can we harm future generations? (Problem of parfait inequality)

Time: July 4, Monday, 19:00.

Location: A304 Auditorium

What duties do we have towards the future generation (and a connection to sustainability)?

Time: July 5, Tuesday, 19:00.

Location: A304 Auditorium

Is it possible to have democratic legitimacy towards the future?

Time: July 6, Wednesday, 19:00.

Location: A304 Auditorium

Working Language: English


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