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Permanent Seminar of the Center for the Study of the Middle Ages: Eastern Christian Nations in Jerusalem and Their Description by Bernhard von Breidenbach


On November 22, the Medieval Research Center of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Ilia State University will hold a remote seminar.

Speaker: Dr. Alexander Tvaradze, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Topic: Eastern Christian nations in Jerusalem and their description by Bernhard von Breidenbach (1483-1484)

About the report

Bernhard von Breidenbach, a German pilgrim, traveled to the Holy Land and Mount Sinai in 1483-1484. In describing his journey, he also describes the Christian peoples of the East whom he met in Jerusalem: the Greeks, the Syrians (Melchites, or Syrians), the Jacobites, the Maronites, the Nestorians, the Armenians, the Georgians, the Abyssinians (or Indians).

The speaker discusses Bernhard von Breidenbach's references to the Christian nations of the East, addressing the following issues: What is the relationship between the knowledge conveyed in Bernhard von Breidenbach's description and the new references; What information and what criteria are important to the author in characterizing and evaluating the Christian peoples of the East. For the general context of the material, relevant important issues related to Bernhard von Breidenbach's journey, the pilgrim's description of the Holy Land, and Mount Sinai are also discussed.

Time: November 22, 19:00 p.m.

Format: Remote, platform with zoom

Those wishing to attend the seminar should contact Nino Chichinadze, Head of the Medieval Research Center at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, at to receive a link to the Zoom Meeting. The link will be received 1 hour before the start of the seminar.


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