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International Seminar on "Monitoring Mass Migration: Tension and Cooperation among Newly Formed Communities in the South Caucasus after Full-Scale Military Aggression" Has Been Held


On November 12 and 13, Ilia State University hosted an international workshop “Approaching the Exodus: Tensions and Cooperation in Emerging Communities in the South Caucasus After the Russian Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine”.

The workshop aimed to open a discussion about the impact of post-war migration on society, politics, and places, both in Tbilisi and other cities in Georgia, as well as in Armenia and Central Asia.

The workshop started with the opening discussion “Exploring Russian Migration in Georgia: Current Research and Prospects for Future Studies”. Contributions were made by Givi Silagadze (CRRC, Georgia), Florian Mühlfried (Ilia State University, Georgia) and Giorgi Lomsadze (Eurasianet, Georgia).

Workshop organizing committee: Mariam Darchiashvili (Ilia State University), Olga Bronnikova (ILCEA4, Université Grenoble Alpes), Sofia Gavrilova (Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography).

See detailed information about the workshop here.


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