School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY

Humanities: Art Studies


Study language: Georgian  

Amount of allocated credits: 240 ECTS

Awarded qualification/degree:  Bachelor of Humanities in Art studies

Admission Type: Unified admission

About the program

The Bachelor of Arts program was developed in 2011 and is updated before the start of each academic year to improve the quality of the study.

Within the program, students will study various stages of art history on the example of Georgian and world art. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to interpret the artwork and make solid conclusions.

Aim of the program

The aim of the Bachelor of Arts program in Humanities is:

  • To teach the student the basic provisions and theories of art history;
  • To teach the student the traditional fields of visual arts and modern forms;
  • To teach the student the stages of development of the ancient world, Byzantium and medieval Western Europe and Georgian art;
  • To develop the ability to analyze and critically evaluate fine art and architectural works, to discuss, comment on and interpret them in cultural and historical terms;
  • To develop the ability to understand the problems and purpose of art history and related fields.

Main areas of study

The main focus of the program is to teach the art history of different centuries and the influence of different epochs or religious currents on it. The student will be introduced to the art and socio-cultural aspects of different countries and the history and trends of the old and new art world.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding

The program graduate will have:

  • Extensive knowledge of the most important periods in the history of fine arts and architecture in the world;
  •  Extensive knowledge of the basic theories and concepts;
  • Extensive knowledge of traditional fields of visual arts and modern forms;
  • General knowledge of fine and construction art of several geographical regions and/or chronological periods;
  • Knowledge of key aspects of cultural heritage research.

Application of knowledge in practice

The graduate of the Art studies program will be able to:

  • Identify and analyze artistic-stylistic features of works of art of different historical epochs and people;
  • The use visual material as a primary source;
  • To distinguish, evaluate and analyze the artistic-stylistic and conceptual peculiarities of a certain period of art history and art fields;
  • Observation and analysis of artifacts at the basic level, taking into account the cultural-historical context;
  •  Attribution of the artifact to its respective historical and cultural context

The graduate of the program can perform research and/or practical work, interpret the obtained data and make an effective presentation according to pre-defined instructions.

Teaching methods

  • Verbal method
  • Practical method
  • Elements of e-learning
  • Demonstrative method
  • Discussion/debates
  • Case study
  • Brainstorming
  • Group work
  • Field trips

Employment opportunities

  • Cultural tourism
  • Private sector
  • Non-governmental sector
  • Publishing institutions: editorial offices, publishing houses, archives
  • Mass Media and Journalism: Georgian and Foreign Language Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio, and New Media
  • Education (in case of choosing a second program from the field of education)
  • Galleries, museums, archives, art auctions
  • The archival, library field
  • Public sector
  • Ministry of Culture, regional and municipal departments
  • Cultural projects
  • Art auctions
  • Areas of protection of cultural heritage
  • Festivals
  • Short-term and long-term art projects
  • Show-business

Structure of the study program

An art student must accumulate 240 credits to receive a bachelor's degree

Title of the Module                                                                ECTS 
 General University Module  60
 Major Program  120
 Minor program or free component (elective courses)     60


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