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Giorgi Astamadze

Giorgi Astamadze

Master of Arts in History, Doctorate

Visiting Lecturer

Born on the 25th of August 1987. In 2004 finished Tbilisi Public School N24. From 2004 till 2008 and from 2008 till 2011 made his BA and MA degrees in history at Tbilisi State University. In 2014 received his second MA degree in European Studies at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany). Since 2015 a Doctorate of the same University with the project about German-Georgian relations during World War I. Scientific reports and activities in Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Poland. Author and co-author of books in Georgia and Germany as well as author of academic articles. Speaks Georgian, German, English and Russian.

Scientific interests / research interests

The History of Georgia of 19th-20th cc.

The History of Germany of 19th-20th cc.

Epoch of imperialism and the World Wars.

History of radical regimes of the world.


Featured publications

„Friedrich Freiherr Kress von Kressenstein. Bavarian General and Expert of the East.” Memoires, Dairies and Reports 1914-1946. Edited by Winfried Baumgart. In cooperation with Giorgi Astamadze.

“The Georgian National Committee 1914-1918. Documents and Materials”. Compilation of documents and materials, translation from German and French, scientific comments and introduction by Georges Mamoulia and Giorgi Astamadze, Tbilisi 2019

Articles in magazines

„Why did Germans intervene in Caucasus in 1918?“, In: „Istoriani“, N5 (77), Tbilisi, 2017, p. 16-19. 

„German Colonialism“, In: „Istoriani“, N12 (48), Tbilisi, 2014, p. 50-56. 

„The White Rose“, In: „Istoriani“, N9 (33), Tbilisi, 2013, p. 54-58.

An extensive list of publications

„Konstantin Gamsakhurdia in Germany in1912-1919“, In: „Georgian Emigration“, 8(9) 2019, p. 26-40.

“German-Ottoman Collision in Caucasus Regarding the Georgian Question in 1918”, Remembrance of Georgian Democratic Republic, Hundred Years On, Collection of Scientific Articles, Tbilisi 2018, p. 165-183.

Articles about the German representatives in Georgia in 1918-1921 (Friedrich Kress von Kressenstein,   Friedrich Werner Graf von der Schulenburg, Otto von Lossow, Jenö von Egan-Krieger, Ulrich Rauscher), Encyclopaedia of the Georgian Democratic Republic, Tbilisi 2018  

„Schulenburg and Georgia in 1911-1921“,, 2018

„Kressensteins and Caucasus“,, 2017 

„German-Georgian Relations in 1918-1921“,, 2017 

Current Courses

The Global History from 1914 till 2000. Master’s level.

Totalitarian Regimes of the 20th c.: Nazism, Fascism, Communism. 

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