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Foreign languages and international negotiations/economics

Foreign languages and international negotiations/economics

Type of University Entrance Examination: testing in two foreign languages (main foreign language, level B2 and second foreign language, level B1)
Conferred academic degree: Master of Philology

Brief description
The programme aims to provide an insight into intricate details of different directions of modern linguistics and its research methods through interdisciplinary perspectives by teaching the postgraduates the relationships between linguistics and other disciplines, such as: economics and law, international relations and international negotiations.

After the completion of the programme, the graduate will be academically qualified to use two foreign languages in the fields of economics, law or international relations. In addition, the programme will help he graduates develop research skills and abstract reasoning.

Occupational fields
Graduates will be qualified to:

  • pursue a career in national/international organizations, enterprises and institutions, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Culture.

Contact details:

Salome Gavashelishvili
Quality Assurance Specialist
➳ Chavchavadze32, A 202
☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (210)

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