School of Arts and Sciences ILIA STATE UNIVERSITY



Type of University Entrance Examination: interview

Conferred Academic Degree:

  • Master of Social Psychology
  • Master of Educational psychology
  • Master of Clinical psychology

Brief Description:
After completing the programme, students will be qualified to specialize in educational, clinical or social psychology. On its part, if a student gives advantage to clinical psychology over other fields, he/she will be enabled to pursue a special line of study in children’s or adults’ clinical psychology. In addition, while undertaking the course, students will be provided with the opportunity to study theoretical issues as well as different research methods simplifying the process of writing a master’s thesis.

Occupational fields
Graduates will be qualified to:

  • pursue doctoral studies;
  • hold the position of social, educational or clinical psychologist/expert in governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • work in schools, psychosocial consulting centers and medical organizations;
  • work in different organizations and enterprises to boost coworkers’ standard of living;
  • consult individuals and groups of people with psychological problems;
  • cooperate with executive and legislative bodies responsible for people’s well-being and improvement of their quality of life.


Contact details:
Tamar Getiashvili
Quality Assurance Specialist
➳ Chavchavadze32, A 202
☏ (+995 32) 222 00 09 (209)

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