Iliauni Forbes Club was created in 2016 on the basis of the Memorandum of Cooperation completed between Ilia State University and Forbes Media Partners Company.

The club will organize interesting meetings at which the young people will be provided with the opportunity to meet successful people in the field of business who will share their experience with them, provide them with advice and answer their questions.

How can I become member of Iliauni Forbes Club?

In order to become a member of Iliauni Forbes Club, fill out a simple registration form not later than November 30. We will contact you and at the first meeting, grant you Iliauni Forbes Club permanent membership card.

Who can become member of Iliauni Forbes Club?

Any person who is interested in attending meetings similar to those held in the Forbs Club can become its member. In order to become its member, being a student of Iliauni is not mandatory.

When and where will Iliauni Forbs Club meetings conducted?

Meetings will be held once in two weeks started from December 2, on Fridays at 19:00 (room E405).

Why to fill out registration form to become a club member?

  • Members of the club who will attend 70 per cent of the meetings held in 2016-2017 within Iliauni Forbs Club (at each meeting, the attendants will be registered) will be awarded certificates by Forbs and Ilia State University.
  • The most active members eager to get involved in the lectures and discussions following them will be offered internships and employment opportunities in Forbes Georgia;
  • Information on different events within the club will be sent to the members as private messages;
  • Members will also be offered the opportunity of involvement in different interesting projects.

Is it possible to attend the events planned at Iliauni Forbs Club without registration?

It is possible but:

  • You will be deprived of the club membership status;
  • Without a status, we will not be able to determine your level of activeness, and accordingly you will not be included in the system of benefits we offer to the members of the club; 
  • In the event of attending the meeting, if there is high interest, the advantage will be given to permanent members of Iliauni Forbs Club. 
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