Prof. Tamar Makharoblidze’s visit to Georg-August-University of Göttingen within the frame of the joint project “Structured Education – Quality Assurance – Freedom to Think“


Within the framework of the Carl-Friedrich Lehmann-Haupt International Doctoral Program (LHIDP) Prof. Tamar Makharoblidze (ISU Schoo of Arts and Sciences) visited the Georg-August-University of Göttingen (UGOE) from June 17 through 21, 2019. The LHIDP provides the participating professors with travel funds for the sake of visiting their partners in the supervision of a doctoral student. Prof. Tamar Makharoblidze and Prof. Markus Steinbach form the supervision team that is in charge of the doctoral student Ekaterine Nanitashvili whose research project focuses on argument structure in Georgian sign language. 

Tamar Makharoblidze’s short stay at UGOE was very productive as it comprised visits to Sign Language Lab, attendance at a linguistic colloquium of the department of Linguistics as well as meetings with Prof. Markus Steinbach (UGOE), Prof. Hedde Zeijlstra (UGOE), Prof. Stavros Skopeteas (UGOE), Prof. Ralf Vogel (Bielefeld University) and Dr. Esther von Richthofen (UGOE). Meetings with Prof. Markus Steinbach and doctoral student Ekaterine Nanitashvili gave an opportunity to discuss current stage of the research and her achievements and to define future steps. Furthermore, Prof. Makharoblidze and Prof. Steinbach discussed dates of their future visits and set out to work on a joint publication. 

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