Public Lectures Minimally Invasive Surgery


On 23 October 2018, at 18:00, Dr. William V. Braun and Dr. Konrad Karcz will deliver public lectures at ISU G106.

William V. Braun, Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, will speak about Complications of Bariatric Procedures.

Each method used in bariatric surgery has pros and cons. Dr. Braun will discuss bariatric surgery procedures and postoperative complications, as well as improvements in psychological and nutritional status following the procedures. The speaker will review the Australian healthcare system and surgical training opportunities.

W. Konrad Karcz, Professor, Dr. med. PHM, Head of Minimally Invasive Surgery at Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich will deliver a lecture on Boundaries of Laparoscopic Oncosurgery.

The main objective of minimally invasive surgery is to reduce surgical traumas. Performed in 1987, the first laparoscopic cholecistechtomy was a breakthrough in abdominal surgery. Reduction of surgical traumas improves the outcomes of surgical treatment. Advancements in imaging and robotic technologies have contributed to the development of laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery, significantly expanding the boundaries of endoscopic and laparoscopic treatment of benevolent diseases. Moreover, minimally invasive surgery has become crucial in diagnosing and treating malignant diseases. Nevertheless, many questions related to the scope, potential and limitations of laparoscopic oncosurgery still remain to be addressed.  Professor Karcz will try to answer some of such questions in connection with two vital organs, pancreas and liver.   


Time: 23 October, 18:00, Ilia State University (1 G. Tsereteli Str.)

Attendance is free.

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