Ilia State University Business School, together with the most popular business magazine Forbes, will hold a business idea competition for university entrants called aBItour.

If you are innovative and creative, can negotiate challenges, are ready to work hard, believe in your abilities, and if you are taking the United National Examination this year with the intention of specializing in Business Administration in the future, do not miss this opportunity.   


Participation in the project will enable you to:

✔ get more information on business education and the future profession to make a right choice;

✔ gain knowledge to formulate business ideas and present them, develop required skills and be ready to do business;

✔ get to know people with interests similar to yours and generate creative and innovative ideas together with them to start your business;

✔ Get a scholarship voucher and fund your studies.

How to participate in the project?

If you are taking the United National Examinations in 2018 and are interested in participating in the project, fill out a simple registration form not later than May 6, and we will contact you.

To fill in the registration form, follow the link: 

When will the competition be held?

The competition will comprise 3 stages:

  • At the first stage candidates will be selected; for this purpose, they will have to do practical tasks with no prior knowledge required, since it just checks candidates’ business acumen, creativity and skills required for doing business. The selection stage will be held on May 13.  
  • The second stage involves acceleration (preparation of candidates for the next stage), dividing the participants into groups and formulation of business ideas; this stage will be held on May 16-18.  
  • The third stage, which is voluntary and involves meetings with professional mentors as well as getting further consultations to do tasks, will be held on 2-3 June.
  • The final stage of the competition, at which candidates will present their business ideas and the winning team will be selected, will be held on June 9.


✔ First place – each member of the winning team will be awarded a 1000 GEL scholarship voucher by Ilia State University *;

✔ Second place - each member of the team having been ranked second will be awarded a 650 GEL scholarship voucher *;

✔ Semifinalists - all semi-finalists will visit the Creative Camp and spend three days in the hotel of Iliani; in the camp, in the informal and comfortable environment, successful people will share their experience with them in the field of business.

Our partner companies will award the participants with different prizes.

Media partners of the project are:

The most popular business magazine Forbes and TV programme Business Morning.

Iliauni wishes you success.

*Conditions for using scholarship voucher

  • You will have an access to your scholarship voucher awarded at Business Idea Competition aBItour, if you get enrolled at Bachelor’s programme at the Business School of Ilia State University;   
  • A scholarship voucher will also be granted in the event of getting a 100% state scholarship at the United National Examination. You will be able to spend the scholarship according to your own priorities (pay the rent, buy a laptop, books, etc.);
  • A person can be awarded one voucher only; if you meet more than one requirement envisaged by Iliauni scholarship voucher, you will get a scholarship voucher with better conditions. To find out more information on the possibility of obtaining Iliauni scholarship, follow the link:  


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