The workshop of the HERITAG - project within the framework of Erasmus + program


On February 15, a workshop of the HERITAG (Higher Education interdisciplinary Reform In Tourism management and Applied Geoinformation curricula) project within the framework of Erasmus + program was held at Ilia State University. The meeting was attended by representatives from partner universities and experts of external evaluation group, namely from Valencia Polytechnic, Bologna, Thessaloniki, Karlsruhe, Ljubljana, Sassari, Georgian Technical and Ilia State Universities. Also, participating in the meeting were representatives from the National Erasmus+ Office Georgia, Georgian National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation, company “Geographics”, project Advisory Council and tourism industry.

The project HERITAG aims at developing interdisciplinary reform in higher education programmes at Master and Bachelor levels and continuing education integrating Geo-information Technologies (GIT) applied to cultural heritage documentation, Tourism Management and Entrepreneurship.

The project promotes the synergy of three main groups of stakeholders: universities, industry and public administration. The curricular reform involves the capacity building in 3 main national and regional priorities in Georgia and Armenia: Geo-information Technologies (GIT), cultural heritage preservation and documentation, and fostering tourism business and entrepreneurship.

The efficient and sustainable implementation of the project will empower Georgia and Armenia to build tourism opportunities based on the rich cultural heritage of the region, and impulse the technical field of GIT, that will be a key for innovation in the near future of these countries, with an important growing potential. This will preserve the history, foster the tourism, and build innovation in the region.

The meeting was followed by the opening of the Geoinformation and Tourism Technologies Centre(GTTC) and laboratory. The Center was established at Ilia State University by the HERITAG project partners and has been fully equiped by the Erasmus+ program. 

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