An intensive Training of Trainers course and a study visit within the framework of the ERASMUS + Project MEDIATS: TRAINING AND SOCIETY TRANSFORMATION


On January 13-17, 2020, within the framework of the ERASMUS + Project MEDIATS: Training and Society Transformation, the Law School delegation participated in a study visit and the second and concluding phase of the intensive training of trainers (ToT) course conducted in UCAM University of Murcia, Spain.  Invited lecturers of Iliauni Law School participated in the training: Salome Gagnidze, Dimitri Dzagnidze, Ucha Dzimistarishvili as well as the associate professors: Konstantine Chokoraia and Davit Maisuradze. 

At the end of the training, participants were given a final exam, which included a mock mediation session tailored to the role of a mediator. Having demonstrated the skills necessary for a mediator, they have been awarded the following categories certificates:

  • International Certified Mediator

  • International Ambassador of Mediation

  • International Counsellor of Mediation

The examination board was represented by practicing mediators and trainers: Jan Van Zwieten, Dana Rone, Marjon Kuipers, Gea van Klompenburg, Francesco De Angelis.

In parallel with the above training, a third study visit was held during which the Law School was represented by invited lecturers Erekle Kalatozishvili and Dimitri Sadzaglishvili. The main objective of the visit was to familiarize participants with the EU mediation regulations and practices, which included lectures on the following topics: online mechanisms of alternative dispute resolution, development of mediation in the Region of Murcia (Spain).

In addition, for the experience sharing purpose, meetings were held with representatives of the Association of Mediators, Professional Bar Association and the Court, where participants of the study were provided with information on both private and judicial mediation mechanisms and current challenges.

At the end of the study visit the participants were awarded certificates.

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