Science Café

Science Café

Iliauni’s Science Café offers interesting live sessions with professional scientists that will provide the attendees with fascinating information. The sessions will take the form of a discussion rather than a lecture.  In order to join the events of the Science Café one need not be a scientist or be fluent in scientific subjects.  All curious people are welcome at the Café.

The aim of the Science Café is to connect famous scientists with people who love science and are interested in the latest scientific developments.

Iliauni Science Café is open to all from December 4th, every Tuesday and Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00.  We await you in auditorium E 207, with coffee and tea, for talks on fascinating subjects.

Sessions can take different forms at the Science Café.

  • Presentations of Iliauni Professors, researchers, and doctoral students - Science Made at Iliauni
  • Presentation of worldwide scientific news  - Journal Club
  • Progress Report on the ongoing work of young researchers
  • Presentations of student research
  • Meetings with invited lecturers
  • Open theme evenings

If you wish to join the activities of the Science Café, receive advice on your work or become a speaker, we can help you shape your presentation. Please fill out this registration form, and contact: for additional information.

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