Theater Arts: Acting, Stage Directing


The program aims to give students insights into performing arts and familiarize them with specific features of this field of art, its theoretical basics, develop their practical skills and creativity, as well as their analytical reasoning.

In the case of focusing on performing art, the graduates will:

  • know fundamental theories, principles and concepts of theatre arts;
  • gain insights into theatre arts as an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and multi-cultural phenomenon; 
  • acquire basic knowledge of primary elements of performing arts and speech art, as well as the ability to sing and dance;
  • know theatre etiquette and how to behave in the stage; 
  • know the methodology to express dramatic emotions and feelings through action;
  • be capable of analyzing given acting roles and fulfilling tasks assigned to them by a stage manager;
  • be able to play leading and minor acting parts;
  • be capable of specifying the form and structure of different plays, as well as theatrical styles and genres.
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